Donotremove & Mike Stenhouse

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Hmmmm, eh?

Donotremove is the interhome of Mike Stenhouse, a user experience and interface designer out of East London. That’d be me. I am Head of User Experience for ambitious video startup Aframe; for fun I hack on various and assorted side projects.

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Takes my occasional thoughts. It doesn’t see much action to be honest but there’s a load of content there from the old days.

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I am a startup specialist with an unusual combination of UX & UI design, hands on HTML/CSS/Javascript & TDD/BDD Ruby skills & Agile team management, accumulated over 10 years in the industry. I've also been lucky enough to speak at some of the most interesting industry conferences on subjects ranging from web standards to the psychology of design.

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Hobby projects take a lot of my spare time. There are always half a dozen in various states of unfinishedness but a few have made it out the door: Out of Five, Content with Style, Frankenstory and Hammer Principle.